2 1/8" Gold/Crystal AB Resin Iridescent Diamond Mirror Iron on Trim, IRT-073

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This trim is made of gold cut mirror pieces with metallic gold diamond stones and crystal AB triangle resin stones. The trim is then bordered with small crystal AB rectangle stones. The materials are attached to a transparent gel-back film which can be ironed! It can be cut into smaller pieces using regular scissors.

A lot of our customers use this for their carnival costumes, dance or performance wears, or to decorate hats or headpieces. It is so versatile that even couture designers use this for their formal or prom gowns.

For best application, medium heat iron is recommended. Make sure that you apply a damped cloth on top of the applique before applying heat. You can also heat the back part of the applique so you won't damage the stones.

The mirrors may have a plastic film to protect it from being scratched. Make sure that you peel off the film to reveal the actual mirror.

If you have no time to iron, you can easily glue them using E6000 or a fabric glue!

Item Code: IRT-073

Width: 2 1/8"

Sold by the yard (1 yard = 36 inches = 3 feet)

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