Tie Back Bra Color & Sizing Chart

Hai Trim & Feathers' tie back bras were created for more adjustment and comfort. Comes in various colors and numerous bra sizes. 

Please refer to the charts below:

NOTE: Our inventory is very limited. Not all colors come in all sizes.

Please message us with the following information if you want to place an order for tie back bras:

- color
- color code
- size
- quantity

Each tie back bra costs $20.00 USD.

We will get back to you as soon as we receive your request. For more inquiries, please contact us via email at sales@haitrim.com, send us a WhatsApp message +13478680868, or fill out the message box below. Thank you.

Hai Trim & Feathers Tie Back Bra Collection - created for more adjustment and comfort. The actual bras used in carnival wear. Also used in swimwear and other costume design.
Tie Back Bra Color Chart

Tie Back Bra Sizing Chart

Tie Back Bra Sister Sizing Chart