Tie Back Bra Color & Sizing Chart

Hai Trim & Feathers' tie back bras were created for more adjustment and comfort. Comes in various colors and numerous bra sizes. 

Please refer to the charts below:

NOTE: Our inventory is very limited. Not all colors come in all sizes.

Please message us with the following information if you want to place an order for tie back bras:

- color
- color code
- size
- quantity

Each tie back bra costs $20.00 USD.

We will get back to you as soon as we receive your request. For more inquiries, please contact us via email at sales@haitrim.com, send us a WhatsApp message +13478680868, or fill out the message box below. Thank you.

Hai Trim & Feathers Tie Back Bra Collection - created for more adjustment and comfort. The actual bras used in carnival wear. Also used in swimwear and other costume design.
Tie Back Bra Color Chart