10-12" Bleached Dyed Coque Fringe (1/2 Yard)

10-12" Coque
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This bleached dyed rooster tail/coque feather fringe is dyed in multiple colors. Each feather strip is strung on a ribbon sold per 1/2 yard or 18 inches.

These feathers are commonly used in a variety of performance wear such as carnival costumes, dance, Broadway, parties, and a lot more.

The feathers are natural and real which is why not all feather strips are perfect due to its natural state. They are treated with the necessary chemicals and has gone through the required processes approved by USDA.

Length: 10-12"

Sold by the bundle (1 bundle = 1/2 yard = 18 inches)

Approximately 100-120 strips of feather per bundle.

All items are available to ship from our NYC store.

We ship both US and International.

No returns or exchanges.

NOTE: Monitor settings may vary per computer which may result in differences of how colors look. If you are looking for a very specific shade of color but you are not sure which color code is it, please message us so we can assist you further.

Also, the different dye lots used to color these feathers may result in a slight difference in the shade of colors. Although the colors are within our color tolerance, please let us know if you are trying to match a specific color.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent customer service, love shopping at Hai’s Trim. Amazing quality and colors selections. My feathers are always top notch.

Karla C
Exactly right for our projects!

We love Hai feathers because we can get exactly what we need in the colors our clients want. The customer service is always great, too! We will definitely be ordering again.