STONE CHARTS (For Reference Only)

The following charts are for reference only. They are NOT for sale. Some items may no longer be available. You can copy and save these charts for your personal use. If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact us.

Black Stones ChartClear Stones ChartGold Metallic Stones ChartGunmetal Stones ChartRose Gold Stones 1Rose Gold Stones 2Lt. Colorado Topaz Stones DD02Blue Grey Stones DD03Yellow Stones DD05Aqua Stones DD08Turquoise Stones DD09Nude Champagne Stones DD10Amethyst Stones DD12Dark Red Stones DD16Kelly Green Stones DD21Royal Blue Stones DD23Teal Stones DD25Mint Green Stones DD27Orange Stones DD28Teal Green Stones DD32Lilac Stones, DD35Brown Stones DD54Black Diamond Stones DD57Purple Stones DD78Coral Stones DD105Rose Pink Stones DD110Lime Green Stones DD128Hot Pink Stones DD136Neon Stones2-tone Stones

Glitter StonesMirrorsMirror ColorsClear AB Stones 1Clear AB Stones 2Clear AB Stones 3Yellow AB Stones DDAB03Red AB Stones DDAB04Aqua AB Stones DDAB05Lt. Amethyst AB Stones DDAB06Royal Blue AB Stones DDAB07Green AB Stones DDAB08Purple AB Stones DDAB14White AB Stones SSAB01Matte Red AB Stones SSAB03Matte Pink AB Stones SSAB04Matte Aqua AB Stones SSAB05Matte Lime Green AB SSAB08Matte Orange AB Stones SSAB09Matte Yellow AB Stones SSAB10Black AB Stones SSAB13Matte Purple AB Stones SSAB15Clear AB Glitterback YSAB01Royal Blue AB Glitterback YSAB04Brown AB Glitterback YSAB05Dark Orange AB Glitterback YSAB08Purple AB Glitterback YSAB10Aqua AB Glitterback YSAB12Orange AB Glitterback YSAB14Metallic AB Stones 1Metallic AB Stones BMetallic AB Stones CMetallic AB Stones DMetallic AB Stones EMetallic AB Stones FNeon AB Resin Stones in 6 different colors and 3 teardrop sizes.

Sunray Textured Color AB StonesColor AB Pointy StonesColor AB Meteor Stones 1Color AB Meteor Stones 2Color AB Textured Stones 1Light Rose Gold Metallic Beads in 45 styles.Light Rose Gold Metallic Beads in 45 styles.Light Rose Gold Metallic Beads in 45 styles.