Wholesale & Production

Hai Trim & Feathers is open to all retail and wholesale customers worldwide. We have been supplying raw materials and feathers to all types of customers ranging from individual designers, small boutiques, arts and craft stores, design studios, carnival bands, dance schools, and even to world-renowned fashion designers.


Our wholesale program works differently as it is based on the total order amount or bulk quantities per item. Setting up an account is for tax exemption purposes only but not necessary to get wholesale pricing.

The following scenarios are used to determine wholesale pricing:

#1 - Random Items in Small Quantities
If you are purchasing random items in small quantities, you can get 5% off for purchases more than $100 using the coupon code HAIFIVE. This excludes sale items, closeouts, loose rhinestones, items priced at $100 or more, or other items specified.

You may be eligible for a better discount (10%) if your order totals to more than $1000 and up. This mostly applies to dance companies who are getting different items in smaller quantities or for creating costume prototypes for carnival.

Please send us a message so we can give you a different coupon code before checking out.

#2 - Individual Items in Bulk Quantities
For purchases of individual items in bulk quantities, depending on the item, we may be able to provide a better pricing. 

For example, if you are looking to purchase 100 yards of 6" chainette fringe (retail at $5.50/yard), the wholesale pricing will be $3.60/yard instead (that's almost 35% off retail!). *pricing is subject to change without prior notice

Or if you want to get to 25 yards of coque feather fringe, production price can be applied to that. Please send us a message for more information.

Tax Exemption
All purchases made on our website are subject to sales tax (except for states that do not charge sales tax and international shipments). If you have a business tax certificate, please email us with a copy of your tax exemption certificate so we can mark your email address as tax-exempt.

Tax exemption on our website are based on the email address associated to the businesses/individuals. The email marked as tax-exempt must be used whenever purchasing items online unless you intend to use a different email address. Please email us at sales@haitrim.com for any changes with regard to your email address.


Hai Trim & Feathers is one of the top producers of carnival costumes in the Caribbean islands such as Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica, Antigua, St. Lucia, and a lot more! We also produce costumes for local carnivals in Miami, Atlanta, and New York.

In order to do costume production, an actual prototype is required. We do not design prototypes or do production based on drawings or sketches. Generally, we only produce costumes with a minimum quantity of 50 sets (minimum quantity may change without prior notice). However, it is our sole discretion whether to accept or decline production orders depending on the actual design of the costume, timeline, and other factors.

For more information regarding carnival costume production, please fill out the box below or send us an email at sales@haitrim.com. Thank you.