Dragon Scale Acrylic Rhinestone Headdress

Dragon Scale Headdress
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We are bringing the heat to another level with this one of a kind headpiece!

This gorgeous lightweight headdress is made of 300+ pieces of 18x38 mm cateye-shaped gold and silver acrylic pieces with 30ss (6mm) crystal flatback rhinestones individually glued on each piece. Each gold or silver piece has a 10mm hole where the jump rings are attached to connect with the rest of the pieces creating this stunning work of art!

The wig has two sides and can be worn interchangeably depending on your preference. One side has more gold pieces (approximately 180 pieces) than the other (approximately 140 pieces) and each sides are shaped like mirror image triangles. When worn, the sides cover up to the neck part and the pointed part of the triangle covers the middle part of the forehead. This piece resembles a dragon scale with many eyes!

This product is flimsy and follows the shape of the head. 

NOTE: This item does not have any closures or any findings to keep this headdress intact. The use of hair clips is recommended to make sure it does not fall off your head especially when dancing or moving. No closures or findings are included.

Weight: This item weighs approximately 14 oz. or less than 1 lb.

Dimensions: approximately 25x14" (when laid flat)

12" sides - from the top of the head to the end (please see pictures for reference)
7.5" - from the top of the head to the middle part of the forehead

Gold with crystal rhinestones
Silver with crystal rhinestones

Sold by piece. 

All items are available to ship from our NYC store.

We ship both US and International.

No returns or exchanges.

CAUTION: This headdress is mostly made of acrylic/plastic material and jump rings that are made of metal. No testing has been done to check for any type of allergy. If you have any allergy or are sensitive to plastic and metal, we recommend not to use this product.

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