Neon Blue Resin Stones

Neon Stones
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Colorful neon blue resin stones in different shapes and colors. Most stones have (2) two holes on the side but some are just flat back. 

For best application, sewing or gluing is recommended.

NOTE: Acrylic/resin/plastic stones are prone to scratches which are unavoidable.

Sold by the pack, quantity varies per style (see below):

Quantity per pack (mm = millimeter)

#1 - 16x30mm Teardrop - 7 pieces
#2 - 18x25mm Teardrop = 7 pieces
#3 - 13x18mm Teardrop = 10 pieces
#4 - 18x25mm Oval = 7 pieces
#5 - 13x18mm Oval = 10 pieces
#6 - 21x26 Cosmic = 7 pieces
#7 - 12mm Circle = 18 pieces
#8 - 7x15 Cateye = 25 pieces

NOTE: Due to different batches and dye lots, the shade per color may vary and may look different from other shapes. We will notify you if the color shades are obviously different and we will ask for your confirmation before we complete your order.

All items are available to ship from our NYC store.

We ship both US and International.

No returns or exchanges.