30-35” Natural Dyed Zebra Pheasant Tails

Zebra Tails
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PRICE INCREASE NOTICE: Effective March 28, 2022, prices of lady amherst and zebra pheasant tails have increased due to limited supply and increased cost. We still offer wholesale pricing starting at 100 pieces each. Thank you for your understanding.

30-35" natural dyed zebra pheasant tail feathers. These are natural zebra tail pheasant feathers for carnival costumes, headpieces, feather backpacks, or any other costume projects.

You can pick any color you want.

All items are available to ship from our NYC store.

We ship both US and International.

No returns or exchanges.

NOTE: Monitor settings may vary per computer which may result in differences of how colors look. If you are looking for a very specific shade of color but you are not sure which color code is it, please message us so we can assist you further.

Also, the different dye lots used to color these feathers may result in a slight difference in the shade of colors. Although the colors are within our color tolerance, please let us know if you are trying to match a specific color.